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Flow in water

Ice bath explained

Relight your fire with an ice bath

Are you seeking a mental energy boost? Do you want to beat the cold? Then get ready to take the plunge. Flow of Life offers ice bath therapy in a private and secluded location. Treat yourself to a moment of mindfulness while boosting your immune system and feeling energised.

Each session will start with breathing exercises. I will be present during your entire ice bath experience and guide you as a breathing coach, watch your body's reaction, and support your wellness, health, and safety.

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Get an impression of our breathing exercises & ice bath session

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An introduction

What is ice bath therapy?

Over the past few years, ice baths have become a hot topic all over the world, thanks to the famous iceman Wim Hof who made his technique accessible to the public.


While initially seen as something for adventurers and athletes, ice baths are now more mainstream - many people have enjoyed the benefits of cold water therapy while focusing on their body and breath. 

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How Flow of Life helps you

The benefits of ice bath therapy

How an ice bath session can help you:

  • Cold water immersion will not only help your body feel better, but it can also improve your performance and even your mood as the cold triggers the release of ‘happy hormones’. 

  • An ice bath boosts your immune and cardiovascular system, stimulates the bloodstream, and reduces inflammation. 

  • Being able to sit in ice-cold water helps you breathe properly, relax your body, and clear your mind. 

  • Most people feel energised for the rest of the day and experience an improved overall state of well-being.

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What to expect

Your session at Flow of Life

You will find yourself in a secluded, lush green garden with a small group of people who are all motivated to stand the cold and get the most out of this experience. 

Each session starts with breathing exercises, and after that, you are prepped to take a plunge in the ice bath. I will guide, support, and enable you to be comfortable during the breathing exercises and in ice-cold water. You can then warm up in the tropical garden, using some of the equipment provided or having a hot coffee or tea. Since it is important not to eat before joining the workout, a healthy breakfast completes the overall experience.

What others say

A life-changing experience

- Dania Nourallah

Florine made the experience exquisite. Her professionalism, welcoming and encouraging spirit, and patience with her clients put me at ease and pushed me to my limit while maintaining a full smile on my face. After the session, I felt relaxed, focused and energetic. Since that day I am a regular client and a true believer in the benefits of breathwork and ice baths. Thank you flow of life for this life-changing experience.

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Boost your energy anywhere, anytime

Looking for a tailor-made experience?

 If you would like to have a session at a different location - for instance, in your garden, in the desert or on the beach - kindly reach out to me. 


Also, if you are working at a company and looking for an ice-breaking team-building activity or aiming to set up a corporate wellness or employee well-being program, please feel free to contact me so we can discuss the options.

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Get in touch with Florine

Curious to learn how Flow of Life's services boost your energy in a positive way and contribute to a happy lifestyle? Please give me a call or send me an email.

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