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  • What are the effects of a breathwork & ice bath session?
    The effects differ from person to person and are partially determined by what you seek to get out of a session. An athlete will seek to reduce inflammation and improve muscle recovery while someone else might look for ways to stimulate blood flow. Reported general benefits include improved sleep, reduced stress levels, increased focus and energy, and accelerated recovery. Book a session with us to discover the benefits of breathwork & ice bath therapy for your health and happiness.
  • Can any person attend the breathwork & ice bath session?
    Every healthy adult can practice a breathwork & ice bath therapy session. If you have a medical condition, we advise you to consult your doctor/specialist before booking or undergoing a session with us. We strongly advise you not to attempt any of our techniques if you just underwent surgery or if you are dealing with any of the following: High blood pressure (in case of prescription medication) A history of serious health issues like heart failure or stroke Epilepsy Coronary heart disease (e.g. Angina Pectoris; Stable Angina) Kidney failure Recent surgery Cold urticaria Pregnancy Migraines Before joining a session, we kindly ask you to sign a health declaration form.
  • Can I do the Wim Hof Method breathing techniques in a pool or during an ice bath?
    Always apply the Wim Hof Method (WHM) techniques in a safe environment. As with all physical activities, application of the WHM and any related practices entails some degree of physical and mental risk. Be cognizant of your own capabilities and limits, both physical and mental, and act accordingly. Never conduct the taught WHM-related activities in places where losing consciousness is extremely dangerous (e.g. in water, whilst driving, etc.).
  • I would like to have my child experience a session, is that possible?
    We do not recommend children practice breathing exercises and cold water therapy. Children are still developing their brains and often have not matured to the point where they can adequately assess the potential risks, which may include lightheadedness and even loss of consciousness.
  • I am pregnant, can I join?
    At the moment, there isn’t any scientific proof about the effects of breathwork & ice bath therapy on the health of your unborn baby. We strongly advise you to postpone your session until after the baby is born.
  • What do I need to bring to a session?
    Please bring a towel, bathing clothes, flip flops, a bottle of water, your health declaration, and a set of comfortable clothes.
  • Can I eat before a session?
    For the best results, it is recommended to do the breathing exercises on an empty stomach. We advise you not to eat and not to drink caffeine in the two (2) hours before having a session.
  • What time should I be there?
    We kindly ask you to be present and sign in at least 10-15 minutes before the session starts.
  • What is NLP coaching?
    NLP stands for 'Neuro-Linguistic Programming'. While the term 'programming' might sound technical, NLP is all about you; your emotions, your feelings, your thoughts - and mostly how to gain control over them. Neuro-Linguistic Programming has been around since the 1970s and is a fast and effective psychological approach to analyzing how your mind works, changing the way you respond to thoughts and feelings and empowering you to reach your personal aims.
  • What are the benefits of NLP coaching?
    NLP coaching allows you to ‘reprogram’ your thoughts, emotions, feelings and potential fears so you handle them differently, with you in control. Improve feelings of empathy. Manage stress. Improve your communication skills. Resolve destructive personal and business relationship patterns. Eliminate limiting beliefs and set powerful beliefs. Improve your confidence and gain control over your life to move towards your dreams.
  • What does an NLP session look like?
    An NLP coaching session at Flow of Life is a private meeting which starts with gaining an understanding of your thinking, behaviours, emotions and aspirations. After the intake meeting, your coach will develop your personal map and come up with a tailor-made approach to help you identify and break the patterns that have been holding you back. Your personal trajectory usually takes three sessions of around three hours in which several techniques are applied to guide you in recognising situations, manners and feelings that are getting in the way and learning how to manage and change these mental barriers for the better. ​ Book a free coaching intake session today and discover what NLP coaching can do for you.
  • Is an NLP coaching session private?
    Yes, it is a private session which can be held either face-to-face or virtual.
  • How many sessions does NLP coaching take?
    After the intake session, our coach will develop an approach tailored to your needs. In general, this approach will consist of three sessions of around three hours.
  • How can I book an NLP coaching session at Flow of Life?
    Via our website, you can schedule a free intake meeting. After the meeting, coach Florine will determine an approach. In consultation with you, the dates and times for further appointments are set.
  • I can’t make it to a session, can I cancel my appointment?
    The cancellation & refunds policy is in line with the policy of Innerfire B.V. (the Wim Hof Method booking platform): In the case of cancellation, participants must pay 50% of the total amount due, provided the cancellation is communicated in writing at least 7 days prior to start of the activity. Cancellation requests submitted less than 7 days before start of the activity do not qualify for reimbursement. In the case of cancellation due to illness or death of a close family member, participants are not required to meet the 7-day notice stipulation, provided an official document certifying said illness or death is provided. Failing this, participants do not qualify for a refund.
  • I can’t attend, can I have someone else join on my behalf?
    The cancellation & refunds policy is in line with the policy of Innerfire B.V. (the WHM booking platform): In the case of a cancellation, the initial participant may transfer his or her reservation to another suitable candidate. The replacement must fulfil all the original criteria for participation (including all prerequisites). Cancellations and/or transfer of reservations must be confirmed in writing by the participant as well as the WHM Instructor to Innerfire (booking platform).
  • I am running late for my session, can I still attend?
    We require that you sign into the session a minimum of 5 minutes before the session starts. If you arrive 15 minutes after the session has started, you will not be able to attend the session and this will be treated as a late cancellation, meaning the amount will not be credited back to your account or refunded.
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