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NLP coaching

Grow with the flow

Allow yourself to bloom with NLP coaching

NLP coaching helps you unlock your full potential and achieve more than you ever imagined. Free yourself from past emotional baggage and break old habits and beliefs that have been holding you back. I will help you step out of your comfort zone and empower you with the right tools to rapidly gain control over your thoughts, emotions, feelings and potential fears so you can focus on achieving your goals and grow as a person.


Essentially, you will learn to overcome mental barriers for a more confident, healthier and happier life.

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An introduction

What is NLP coaching?

NLP stands for 'Neuro-Linguistic Programming'. While the term 'programming' might sound technical, NLP is all about you; your emotions, your feelings, your thoughts - and mostly how to gain control over them. 


Neuro-Linguistic Programming has been around since the 1970s and is a fast and effective psychological approach to analyzing how your mind works, changing the way you respond to thoughts and feelings and empowering you to reach your personal aims. 

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How Flow of Life helps you

The benefits of NLP coaching

NLP coaching allows you to ‘reprogram’ your thoughts, emotions, feelings and potential fears.

  • Improve feelings of empathy.

  • Manage stress.

  • Improve communication skills.

  • Resolve destructive personal and business relationship patterns.

  • Eliminate limiting beliefs and set powerful beliefs.

  • Improve confidence and gain control over your life to move towards your dreams.

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What to expect

Your NLP coaching session at Flow of Life

An NLP coaching session at Flow of Life is a private meeting which starts with gaining an understanding of your thinking, behaviours, emotions and aspirations. After the intake meeting, your coach will develop your personal map and come up with a tailor-made approach to help you identify and break the patterns that have been holding you back. Your personal trajectory usually takes three sessions of around three hours in which several techniques are applied to guide you in recognising situations, manners and feelings that are getting in the way and learning how to manage and change these mental barriers for the better.

Book a free coaching intake session today and discover what NLP coaching can do for you.

What others say

A life-changing experience

- Dania Nourallah

Florine made the experience exquisite. Her professionalism, welcoming and encouraging spirit, and patience with her clients put me at ease and pushed me to my limit while maintaining a full smile on my face. After the session, I felt relaxed, focused and energetic. Since that day I am a regular client and a true believer in the benefits of breathwork and ice baths. Thank you flow of life for this life-changing experience.

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Flow of Life for corporate happiness

Team-building and employee well-being

 If you are working at a company and aim to set up a corporate wellness or employee well-being program, please feel free to contact me so we can discuss the options.

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Get in touch with Florine

Are you curious to learn how Flow of

Life's services boost your energy in a positive way and contribute to a happy lifestyle? Please give me a call or send me an email.

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